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BitTorrent Tracker Insider Infiltrates Anti-Piracy Lobby

Wow. ;)

Anti-piracy oufits have gained access to private BitTorrent trackers before, but the opposite has never happened, until now. Over the past few weeks, Unnar Geir, spokesperson of “The Viking Bay”, successfully infiltrated the Icelandic equivalent of the MPAA (SMÁÍS), and gathered some valuable information that the tracker can use in its defense.

Unnar first arranged a meeting with Snæbjörn Steingrímsson, the executive of SMÁÍS, about a month ago. He told Snæbjörn that he could provide details about the owners and administrators of the BitTorrent tracker, and said he was willing to testify against them.

The sole purpose of the covert-operation was of course to gather information from SMÁÍS on the ongoing investigation on TVB (Icelanders only) and Torrent.is, two Icelandic BitTorrent trackers. “Me and an administrator at TVB were pondering one morning about what Smáis actually got on us, and I had this idea to contact Snæbjörn and set up a meeting,” Unnar explained.

To gain the confidence of Snæbjörn and the other investigators, 15 in total, Unnar led them to believe that the TVB staff was threatening him. “I was called in for another meeting and I told him that I had been assaulted because somebody knew I was going to witness against TVB, I made my friend give me some bruises.” Undy told TorrentFreak.

The investigators fell for it, and believed that they finally had an insider on their side, so they started to share confidential information. The cover story had worked, and this Friday Unnar was called in for a meeting where they showed 1000 pages of evidence against TVB. In addition they told Unnar that they were plotting a criminal case against the tracker, not a civil case as the one against Istorrent.

“I was shown screenshots of admin profiles on TVB, which showed information only available to administrators. I asked how they got this information and if somebody else was snitching, but they replied ‘you can do everything on the internet’,” Unnar said. The most likely scenario is that SMÁÍS used an exploit or some other hack, to gain access to the tracker.

At that point they still thought Unnar was going to testify against the people behind TVB, so they showed him all the info they had gathered on the tracker, and which users they would go after, if it would come to that. “They gave me the usernames of two persons who where responsible for 90% of the Icelandic material on TVB,” Unnar said. “After the meeting I gave this information to those users, so they could take evasive action.”

“The most interesting part about this is that I said at the beginning of the meeting: “No offense, I can help you convict some administrators, but the website isn’t going down just for that,” to which Snæbjörn replied “It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, we will still bankrupt you.” This shows that they are simply using their money to force the trackers to go offline.

All in all Unnar thinks that he has gathered enough information to have a significant advantage in court. This Friday he publicly shared his covert-ops experiences with other users at TVB, but up until now, he hasn’t heard anything from SMÁÍS.

[Via Torrentfreak]


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  1. Oriacle
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:11

    “I told him that I had been assaulted because somebody knew I was going to witness against TVB, I made my friend give me some bruises”


  2. nugget
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:12

    lol “I made my friend give me some bruises”

  3. djpdjpnl
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:17

    Loll, who’s the criminal now? :)

  4. avanza
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:18

    finally, one for us!

  5. nsane
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:21

    @SMÁÍS – Fail! :D

    He should have pressed the exploit issue a bit more, IMO. Maybe get the douche’s name they hired and get your friend to ‘give him some bruises’ too :P

  6. Syntax
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:21

    Counter-spying is always fun.

  7. bdv
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:21

    Amazing ! :D

  8. KifArt
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:27

    w00t… What’s gonna happen to him? I’m pretty sure they read blogs too :D … Will he get arrested? Beat up?.. What?

  9. godfella
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:27

    So no James Bond shooting spree, thousands of death people in a firing scycaper? No parachute sceene from space? No exploding pen? Definetly some awesome boobies scene in sunset? ;]
    Great job, its nice to see, people still have wits and balls. both thumbs up ;]

  10. 97036
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:28

    Mahaha, Viking Bay wins!

  11. david
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:31

    well why cant someone make a software that blocks bogus trackers on torrent software or on webbrowser???that would rock and do away with having to lose our internet bandwidth,usa isnt the power the eu wont clamp down on fileshrers as it breaches the person privacy laws so up yours the united stuck up two fingers anti piracy :) well cant wait till get my laptop soon :)

  12. BrutalBlake
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:33

    Wow, that sounds like a movie in the making.

  13. venom
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:35

    good stuff lol

  14. TTBAiowa
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:36

    You are my main man!!!!

  15. miftah
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:39

    yep BrutalBlake..an indie movie..isnt it like too early to spill out the beans?

  16. skribble
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:40

    now this is a tech news post :D
    great stuff Kennii

  17. yerrr bwoi
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:46

    Just Pre’d!!


  18. May 26th, 2008 | 12:48

    Just Pre’d!


    will be posted soon! ;)

  19. DirtyRed
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:54

    This is one of the most interesting and funny stories this year! Go vikings! HARR!

  20. @11
    May 26th, 2008 | 12:56

    @11…. Look up peerguardian or Bluetack

  21. Pat McCrotch
    May 26th, 2008 | 13:05

    As “nsane” mentioned:
    “He should have pressed the exploit issue a bit more”

    Maybe he did, I sure hope he did or at least gathered enough intel to sustain proof of their hacking into the site / server.

    I’m not up on Icelandic law, but I am almost certain that their gathering of ‘profiles’ & other info by hacking into the admin pages / section of the site & server should be breaking quite a few laws, perhaps making anything they have inadmisable in the courts.
    This maybe why they were happy to have this guy onboard, so as that it could be seen as the info they gathered came from him & not their ‘exploits’…

    Of course, another person may have ‘Turned’ from the site & their excuse of ‘You can do anything on the internet’ was their way of protecting their source.
    It would be smart of them to keep any other names / sources seperated from him.
    Just in case there is a change of heart from one, they won’t loose all their eggs (Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket).

    Either way, it takes balls to face up to the very same people who are trying to take you down.

    I feel that we are not being given the full story, at least I hope this is the case, why would he ‘Unnar Geir’ give away everything he has found out, publicly…
    That wouldn’t be the smartest move on his part, it gives the other side time to change their prosecution evidance, drop / leave out a host of ‘proof’ / intel gathered that could show ‘Geir’ in a bad light or as a liar.

    I also hope that he caught all conversations on digital media, anything said & shown on cam etc…
    Without it recorded, everything he gathered intel wise could be seen as ‘hearsay’ & that does not hold up in court.
    Even if he did capture evidance, there is also a chance of it being inadmisable… but that would depend on how the Icelandic courts see recording ‘others’ without their knowledge.

    It’d be great if the ‘others’ recorded all conversations with ‘Geir’… as he could then supeona their recordings ‘intact’ & it would also show ‘mutual consent’ to all recordings thus making his (again if he was smart enough to record / doccument) valid in a court of law.

    Summing up:
    If all he gained has been made public & he’s not held back some info or proof, by going public he’s possibly lost all he’s done.

    I take my hat off to ‘Geir’, the guy has balls & great intentions to take a stance & strike out against those who would try to bring us (our BT community) down.

  22. anon
    May 26th, 2008 | 13:31


    NUKED [stolen.from.p2p]

  23. mat_de_b
    May 26th, 2008 | 13:56

    he tried to sap their sentry and back stab the engi, but a heavy came and killed him… silly spies…

  24. rls
    May 26th, 2008 | 14:02

    and the demoman said kaboom

  25. ithajen.dk
    May 26th, 2008 | 14:12

    This aint an exploit but purely fraud. Hope he goes to jail. Its idiots like him that make the rest of us look like criminals and idiot. Hope that moron burn in hell.

  26. lapbook.org
    May 26th, 2008 | 14:43

    dat dude’s in alot of trouble, he’s a RAT!!
    and RATS usually get the mafia treatment…

  27. PrS!
    May 26th, 2008 | 14:43


    What Pat McCrotch wrote about Unnar Geir seems very interesting.

    I hope for Unnars sake he has what he needs to back his case up, or else seems like a waste of valuable & much appreciated effort.

    Still seems tooo early for this to be public…not the right time

  28. Frostii
    May 26th, 2008 | 14:43

    Owned !

  29. DeerDance
    May 26th, 2008 | 14:45

    is this a joke?
    couse its sound like one…
    all around it was pointless to do any of stuff he did…

    on court, prosecutor must show all evidence to defenders advocate… so unless he learn about incriminating material and hire Ethan Hawk to snatch it and erase all theyr loggs it was pointless…

    all he can get is more charges like obsure justice and alike…

    and using exploit to gain information is ok, if they got court order or they live in land of freedom and got patriot act ;)

  30. PrS!
    May 26th, 2008 | 14:46

    @26 lapbook

    Read the whole story.

  31. mark
    May 26th, 2008 | 15:02

    i was in my local iceland the other day and there was also alot of cod that had been batterd also you ruffians

  32. dent
    May 26th, 2008 | 15:52

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Big respect to Unnar Geir !!!

    Excellent and an example for the children and for all of us!

    I rather pay all my salary to a guy like him then one cent to a record company or alike!

  33. Jack Sparrow
    May 26th, 2008 | 15:58

    anybody said pirate?

  34. yingjai
    May 26th, 2008 | 16:15

    He probably just wanted his 15 minutes of fame. If he was serious about it, he wouldn’t reveal what he did until it was over.

  35. chriscross
    May 26th, 2008 | 16:15

    well done me mates!

  36. the Ma6iCiAn
    May 26th, 2008 | 16:24

    i believe they icelandic police have a better chance at stopping time than stopping piracy on the internet

  37. CoatHanger
    May 26th, 2008 | 17:32

    I recently moved back home,after 5 years in Iceland.
    I still read the Icelandic news online.
    And a couple of weeks ago, there was an article about the other private tracker mentioned in this article:Istorrent.
    SMÁÍS made a lawsuit againt Istorrent, and was able to keep Istorrent closed during the court case.
    SMÁÍS lost the case in court, but have again been able to ban Istorrent,and have now made a new lawsuit, this time in supreme court. This case havent been closed yet. But I´m sure that Istorrent, will nail the suckers there too.
    Some old news about the case on TorentFreak: http://torrentfreak.com/icelands-largest-bittorrent-tracker-shut-down-071127/

    Aticle on TorrentFreak, about Istorrent´s victory in court:

    Go Vikings !!!

  38. dar
    May 26th, 2008 | 17:39

    Unnar teh hero!!

    u can fake bruises with dry ice though, no hitting involved hahah

  39. superflystinger
    May 26th, 2008 | 18:30

    I agree with BrutalBlake, does sound like a movie in the making any one upto compilling a script with me. been working on an esionage script for some time.. will post soon for ALL to read..
    same rlslog time same rlslog channel..

    but seriuosly will be posting a script soon for my own movie dont worry will not be posted without a time stamp to protect my project…

  40. superflystinger
    May 26th, 2008 | 18:31

    sorry about the spelling problem with voice recogntion software..

  41. stephen-20
    May 26th, 2008 | 18:53

    :) if not hacking these days its some think else

  42. COunt
    May 26th, 2008 | 21:28


    Don’t rely on the poor mans copyright. If you think your story is worth it, copyright it. As far as I know, a poor mans copyright(Mailing it yourself and not opening it, Posting on a Site that has Date and Time, almost anything that is free)has yet to hold water in an actual case. I could very well be wrong, but doesn’t hurt to double check.

  43. :)
    May 26th, 2008 | 21:32

    @11 that program already exists its called peerguardian, but doesnt work 100%

  44. May 27th, 2008 | 01:39

    this is going to be made into a movie ! start a new useless online poll

  45. nym-ph
    May 27th, 2008 | 02:19

    rotflol. 1 for the house xD

  46. Hate love is stupid
    May 27th, 2008 | 07:47

    … now this is an odd twist… I love it XD

  47. Dan
    May 28th, 2008 | 05:17

    hey i have been looking high and low for the movie taken with liam neelson, could anyone help?

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